We have a variety of solutions that can be applied to any situation or environment and ensure quality.

General Application

We provide diversified CCTV solution for customer satisfaction to use various environment.

OEM / ODM Application

We provide ordering product through print OEM logo  on ready-made product and transforming.

Provide new product development and engineering consultation by operate our R&D team.

Build medium ~ large size system and develop specific product.

Specific Application


Specific application provide professional CCTV solution for where dangerous and needs watchfulness area as a factory district, industrial district, harbor and airport.

Our Application C33 solution include monitoring for industrial facilities and field operating system, crew-less monitoring for outdoor of plant.

Unit Prepackaged Solution

This is a housing kit solution with built-in security camera, provide not only function as camera but also parts for installment, and it is easy and convenient to install.

As All-In-One solution, this package's composed of camera, housing, mount-bracket.